Rapid Response: Hurricane Matthew in Cuba and Haiti

By Jorge Parrott

In times of crisis, we learn fast how the body of Christ comes together to reach out to those affected. For some, Hurricane Matthew was the worst event in their lives. Thankfully, none of our precious network of missionaries and pastors lost their lives or had serious injuries.

In early October, this devastating hurricane hit hard two already poor nations: Haiti and Cuba. Within hours, MS/CM Missions was in touch with friends in both nations to see if they, their families, and their churches were all right, and Dave Yarnes had our awesome staff in Ft. Mill, SC work quickly to raise funds to help Cuba and Haiti. We thank our many intercessors and Partners for praying immediately.

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Nuts, Bolts, Wheels and Gears

By Jorge Parrott  (All Scripture references from the AMP Bible)

Many have asked us how we are able to minister to, oversee, serve, and pray for hundreds of our precious missionaries serving in sixty-eight nations. The best one word answer is—faith. The best two words to answer are—faith and love. It is only by the grace given to us by the Lord that we “get” to do this. It is our passion and our life to be living the greatest adventure.

What is also amazing is that our full-time staff in the Missions Department is predominantly made up of volunteers from the U.S. and seven foreign nations.  Imagine working in your calling by faith with no pay and trusting the Lord every step of the way for your family’s care and provision. Some call us nuts, but we really don’t care. Continue reading

The Beat Goes On

By Jorge Parrott

(Scripture references from New King James Version unless otherwise indicated)

The Lord is moving in remarkable ways through His people all over the world—we need to search out more good news than bad. We are so thankful for the divine connections with dear friends in many nations. We need to strengthen cherished relationships more and more to prepare for what is coming.

Faith and persistent action advance the kingdom and push back the darkness. The bride of Christ is being prepared for her Bridegroom. The Lord’s heartbeat is the sound of the drumbeat, a cadence marching into battle. The breath of the Holy Spirit is the wind that whispers to those with an ear to hear the call and respond by faith.

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Seeing With Eyes Of Faith

By Jorge Parrott

(All Scriptures from the Amplified Bible)

As I sat down to write this, I prayed and felt a gentle breeze in the Spirit. I then saw an impression of the Lord’s breath blowing over the news headlines. He wasn’t making the news disappear. He wanted me to see what He sees. The Lord is clearly not in heaven wringing His hands.

How do we shield our peace from the bad news and media manipulation? With man’s eyes we see chaos and darkness spreading. With our eyes of faith and His Spirit alive in us, we will see the glory of the Lord shining brighter and brighter upon His people (see Isaiah 60:1).

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The Simplicity And Power

By Jorge Parrott 

All Scriptures from Amplified Bible Version 

“For I made the decision to know nothing [that is, to forego philosophical or theological discussions regarding inconsequential things and opinions while] among you except Jesus Christ, and Him crucified [and the meaning of His redemptive, substitutionary death and His resurrection]. 1 Cor. 2:2

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Faith, Not Fear—Preparing For The Great Harvest

By Jorge Parrott

All Scripture references are New King James version.

Today we are seeing the largest mass migration of people fleeing war and terror since World War II. This massive exodus is chaotic and is without a Moses to lead it. The so-called god of the fleeing masses has not heard their cries, and they flee in darkness looking for hope and a better life somewhere, anywhere.


Political correctness and human secularism blinded the receiving nations in Europe for a time, but now we see some awakening. Pray it is not too late. Many nations, including the Americas, are in fear of this unknown tide of immigrants. News reports are increasing, proving that terrorists are hiding in the midst of this tsunami of souls. As watchmen, how do we sound the alarm to awaken those who sleep during these attempts to overthrow nations in Europe and the Americas?

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India: Seeing the God of Breakthrough

By Jorge Parrott

 India is intense. It is fascinating, dangerous, and worth the effort to those prepared to encounter the Lord of the harvest. The Lord of surprises moves in mighty ways in India. In each of my trips, I was amazed at the Father’s heart for the country. Yes, India is intense but the Lord wants to use our faith to reach her people—any effort or sacrifice on our part is nothing in the weight of His glory. Will you pray for those who go? And pray about going with us?

Along with the resources from Rick Joyner and MorningStar Ministries, we are now connected with over seventeen thousand churches providing fellowship, ministry services, prophetic team ministry, site visits, humanitarian aid, and Theology school degrees. With over 1.3 billion souls, India is expected to surpass China in population by 2020. The harvest is great and the laborers are few. Our job is to train and impart to leaders, and the Lord is giving us clear strategies for the days ahead. Continue reading

Impacting Leaders in the Nations

By Jorge Parrott

One primary objective in missions is building ongoing, deepening relationships with strategic partners sent by the Lord. We need sharp discernment as we seek the Lord in all areas. We are blessed with divine connections and the strategies of the Lord to do our part in fulfilling the Great Commission. The Holy Spirit allows us to “connect the dots” globally for a holy alignment of God’s people and purposes for this season.

We welcome you, our Partners, to engage in God’s heart for the nations by joining us in intercession, ministry teams, Skype prophetic ministry, discipleship, fundraising, and furthering our involvement in Christ’s Mandate for Missions—all to equip and disciple the nations. Rick Joyner asked me two years ago how we had so many volunteers working in missions. I replied, “It is easy, really. We take them into the presence of the Lord to see His heart for the nations.” The simplicity and power of the Gospel emphasizes the importance of building our relationship in the presence of the King.   Continue reading

This President Is Not Ashamed Of The Gospel

By Jorge Parrott  (All Scriptures from NKJV)

The highway to heaven we read about in Isaiah 40 started long ago and is still being built. By faith we each can have a part in this generational assignment. This highway is built upon the pillars of truth and righteousness. As we step out in faith and grow in our hunger for the Lord, He always shows up to meet us in the faith realm. While lawlessness, evil, and crises spreading across the earth, we are compelled to pursue God’s ways and truths. As we surrender our lives to the soon coming King, then our glory shines brighter and brighter.

As we see our own nation turning her back on the Lord, we are reminded of Jesus’ own words regarding sheep and goat nations. We are seeing the Dominican Republic awakening to its destiny as a sheep nation. We were asked to meet with the President, and I felt led to ask him to make a righteous stand for the Lord. Continue reading